Technology has evolved.

Struggling with the demands of your network? It's time to think again.

Managing technology can be a challenge for small businesses and finding a reliable IT support partner can be even harder. With Mode5, those worries become of thing of the past. Mode5′s dedicated staff is here to help build a solid technology foundation from which your business can grow. We have an array of services to meet your needs from cloud computing, local network management and network support, backup and disaster recovery services, IT help desk and more.


After researching numerous cloud based software solutions, we opted to migrate our existing software applications into the mode5 environment to leverage all the benefits of a hosted solution...

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Regent University School of Law Practicum in Technology Posted on 05/11/2016

Regent University School of Law recently held a Technological Competence in the Law course for their advanced law students. In addition to its core legal classes, Regent Law’s Integrated Lawyer Training provides its students with practical instruction regarding the business …

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