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Cloud Based Computing

Let Mode5 host your software and network so you can focus on business

You’re busy. You have clients to meet, research to do, and people to help.

Local networks in offices can be complex and difficult to maintain. Upgrading software and equipment every few years is hard work. Working remotely may often seem impossible.

That’s where Mode5 comes in.

Mode5 for Your Office

With Mode5, those hassles become a thing of the past. We migrate all your data and applications to our secure cloud that your staff can access anywhere from any device, in full compliance with your data requirements.

Regardless of your location, area of business, or computer platform, Mode5 has you covered. Our cloud environment is certified for most leading softwares.

Mode5 is also responsible for maintaining and supporting your hosted network. We manage your cloud network so you can get back to work!

free-cloud-reportThis report explains Cloud computing in laymen’s terms. We also answer the five most frequent questions we receive from business owners about the Cloud.


How Your Business Will Benefit from Mode5:

  • SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT: Mode5 removes the hassle of maintaining version consistency or worrying about cross-platform compatibility. With cloud computing, everyone uses the same version of the same software on the same platform. We handle it all—installation, upgrades and more.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Enjoy 24/7 online network access from the cloud. Login anywhere, from any device to access your full webdesk and retrieve data.
  • DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Mode5 securely stores your business’ data in a single location online.
  • SECURITY: Mode5 manages the security of your data and handles backups. Your business information is available when you need it, and accessible to no one but you and your business.
  • EXPANSION: Quickly add users, new PCs, mobile devices, applications or business locations. It’s in the cloud. No IT visit necessary. No more time spent configuring devices.
  • Windows XP & Windows Server 2003: Support has ended for the Windows XP operating system and Windows Server 2003, which means you may be facing the expense of a new server. Bypass the expense. NOW is the time to move to the cloud!

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