Mode5 Specializes in Legal IT

Legal IT networks can be complex and difficult to maintain. Upgrading software and equipment every few years is expensive and it’s hard work. That’s where Mode5 comes in. With Mode5 Cloud you don’t have to worry about software, servers, security or storage backups. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Mode5 Cloud

Regardless of your location, area of law or computer platform, Mode5 has you covered. With Mode5 Cloud, we migrate all your data and applications

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We take care of everything. You just log in. It’s that easy.

Benefits of Mode5 Cloud:

  • Easy Software Management
  • 24/7 Accessibility from Anywhere
  • Document Management
  • Data Security
  • Simple Expansion Options
  • 99.95% Up Time Through Microsoft Azure
  • Friendly Support Team

Managed Legal IT Services

If you’re not interested in the cloud, Mode5’s Managed IT Services is a great option for those with an on-premises server solution. With Mode5 Managed IT Services, you’ll enjoy faster response times and unlimited IT support for a network that runs better and has fewer problems. Mode5 Managed IT is currently offered in Southeastern VA, Richmond, VA, Northern VA, and Washington, DC.

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