Mode5 Cloud Drive

Boost your business productivity with Mode5 Cloud Drive.

Mode5 Cloud Drive is a business-grade cloud file sync solution that gives you and your employees access to critical files on any device from practically any location without the security risks and lack of control of consumer-grade systems. Cloud Drive allows you to securely share files inside and outside of your organization and eliminates the need for cumbersome VPN and FTP setups. Best of all, files stored on your Cloud Drive will be backed up to Mode5’s U.S. based private cloud infrastructure to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Mode5 Cloud Drive will synchronize local folders on your desktop to the cloud for easy remote access and backup.

Synchronize local workstation or server folders to the Mode5 Cloud for easy remote access and data backup.

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Five Features of Mode5 Cloud Drive

1. Increase Employee Productivity

Employees can leave the office for meetings, conferences, and business trips and still have access to their files from their laptops, tablets, and phones. Mode5 Cloud Drive can help your employees to stay on top of their workload anytime and anywhere.

Access your files via a secure webpage when on the go.

Access your files via the secure Cloud Drive webpage when on the go.

2. Minimize The Danger Of Data Theft And Loss

Mode5 Cloud Drive gives you total control over who has access to what data and which devices can share that data. If a device is lost or stolen, the data can be wiped remotely without losing or affecting access to the wiped data.

Access your files from your mobile device.

Cloud Drive mobile access

3. Communicate Sensitive Information Easily And Securely

Secure sharing capabilities can be crucial when businesses need to interact with clients or collaborating professionals outside of the business. Mode5 Cloud Drive enables you to securely share files with any individual you authorize. Cumbersome FTP software can become a thing of the past.

4. Maintain Accountability And Security Of Your Data

There are no worries with legal and compliance data responsibilities. Not only does Mode5 Cloud Drive provide you control of who and which devices have access to data, it also tracks all user activity including adds, deletes, and changes. This makes it easy to download and restore any deleted files and previous versions.

5. Avoid The Hazards Of Potential Data Corruption

Silent data corruption is a sinister threat to your data because it does not appear as errors and warnings. The consequence of unknowingly accessing a corrupted file can range from a minor loss of data to a system crash. Only a true business-grade file sync service like Mode5 Cloud Drive will cryptographically tag every piece of data and redundantly store data on multiple data center racks to virtually eliminate the chance of silent data corruption.