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Mode5 Cloud Network

Access Your Network from Anywhere with Any Device

Managing the local network in your office can be very complex and time consuming. Security, accessibility and document management are all major concerns. The task of upgrading software and equipment every few years is expensive and it’s hard work. With Mode5 Cloud, we leverate the speed and reliability of the Mode5 Data Center, and make it accessible via a secure remote desktop connection called the Mode5 Cloud Desktop. You can focus on running your business not your network.

encryptMode5 Cloud Desktop

All Your Data and Applications, Available In One Place

Managing all your files and data has never been made easier! Gain secure access with a single sign-on, with the look and feel just like your local desktop. Access all your Microsoft Office365 applications, and improve communication and file sharing with Microsoft One Drive.

Office 365 Service Icon

Mode5 Office 365

Find out If Office 365 Is Right for Your Business

With options including improved security and productivity, improved communication and collaboration with your clients & employees, secure file sharing with One Drive and more; Microsoft Office 365 may be just what your business needs.

appsMode5 Hybrid Cloud

A Tailored Cloud Solution to Meet Your Needs

Choose the cloud options that best suit your business needs with Application Hosting, Server Hosting, and more!

Cloud VoiceMode5 Cloud Voice

Modernize your Communication with Mode5 Cloud Voice

Many businesses are using phone systems that are several years old and don’t take advantage of today’s modern technology. Mode5 has partnered with Star2Star, an industry-leading voice over IP telephony company, to offer Mode5 Cloud Voice. This exciting new phone service offers advanced features that can help you get more done and stay in better communication with your clients and staff.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding the Cloud? We Have Answers.

If you are new to the cloud or if you have questions regarding the cloud, we can help!