Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question below, please contact us to get more information on how your business can use Mode5 to simplify your network.

Mode5 Cloud Desktop Access


Are my applications compatible with Mode5?

Most applications are compatible with Mode5 regardless if they are designed for cloud delivery or not. We confirm that each application can be hosted before migration to ensure your environment runs smoothly. Please contact us to learn more about existing applications we support or to discuss compatibility with your applications.

What if my application provider already offers a cloud option?

Some software vendors may offer an existing cloud or hosted solution for your application. We can interface these existing cloud applications into the Mode5 environment to provide seamless integration and single access to your cloud network.

Which applications are included with Mode5?

Every Mode5 network includes the most widely used Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) in corporate environments. Email is delivered using Microsoft’s Exchange services to provide email, calendar, contact, and task sharing between your staff. Microsoft Exchange will enable syncing between all your devices including mobile phones and tablets. Mode5 will also provide services to migrate your existing business applications to the cloud.

Migrating to the Cloud

How do I migrate my existing network to the Mode5 Cloud Desktop?

Mode5 will migrate your applications, data, and email from your existing network to the Mode5 Cloud. We plan this transition start to finish to ensure to a smooth migration.

How long does it take to migrate my network?

Migration time and planning will vary on the number of applications and amount of data your business stores. Please contact us to get more information on transitioning your network to Mode5.

How much does Mode5 cost?

Mode5 provides a customized solution for each business based on their particular needs. Pricing varies on your application and data needs for your network size. Our team will help evaluate your overall IT costs and which benefits Mode5 can provide your business. Please contact us to receive a free estimate for your network.


How do I request support from Mode5?

In the event help is needed, every user has direct contact with the Mode5 support team. Support tickets are submitted from your agent ID and automatically notify our team when assistance is needed. Our support response is also backed by SLA (Service Level Agreement) to ensure your requests are handled promptly.

What will Mode5 support on my cloud network?

With Mode5 Cloud, you no longer have to maintain servers, applications, or backups since we manage your entire environment in the cloud. Our support team will also help ensure your staff can connect, access data and applications, and perform their job utilizing the Mode5 Cloud Desktop.


What about my backup?

Because your data is no longer stored at your office, you’ll never need to worry about backups again. Mode5 manages backups in the cloud and provides a disaster recovery plan for remote access and offsite data protection. Our environment is located at the secure Microsoft Azure cloud environment and offers many other protections to ensure a 99.95% guaranteed uptime.

How do I print from my Cloud Desktop?

With Mode5 you can print to your local printers in your office right from any cloud application. Please contact us for more information about printer compatibility and features.

What devices can access the Mode5 network?

Your Mode5 Cloud Desktop can be access from almost any internet device. This includes PC’s, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Each device offers a full experience to all of your applications and data so you can work from your office or on the go. Please contact us for more information on device compatibility.

How do I add new users or locations?

With Mode5, adding resources is simply adding more Mode5 Cloud Desktops for your staff. Because your applications and data can be accessed from anywhere, adding new locations for your business is also easy. It takes very little time and we handle it for you.