1. Simplicity

Our Goal at Mode5 is to make accessing your applications as easy as possible so you can optimize efficiency and accomplish your goals.  With Mode5 you will never have to purchase a server again or deal with an IT vendor that does not meet your expectations.

2. Speed

With Mode5 Cloud your applications will run extremely fast, often times even faster than on your local network.  This means you can use your existing machines to work faster without the need for costly hardware upgrades.  Speeding up your applications will allow you to get more done and increase productivity.

3. Security

The Mode5 Cloud is tremendously safe and provides top-notch security for your network. Our SAS 70 Type II data center is secured and manned 24/7/365. There is no need to worry about backing up or encrypting your data, because it is always secured in our cloud.

4. Reliability

By utilizing the Mode5 Cloud you can achieve an amazing level of 99.95% guaranteed uptime. Our cloud is built with high levels of redundancy to ensure this maximized uptime. If a hardware failure ever occurs, your applications will seamlessly migrate to other hardware without you even noticing.

5. Availability

Mode5’s WebDesk is powered by Citrix and available on almost any device, from any location, at anytime.  With Mode5, your applications are accessible via our WebDesk, so you can log in from home,  a client’s location, even the coffee shop.  Adding an additional location is as simple as adding more WebDesks.