Migrate To Mode5 Cloud In Five Easy Steps


Step 1 | Contact Us

The first step is to simply call us at 855-25-MODE5 or contact us online. After that we have you covered! Our team of professionals follow our standardized migration process to ensure a seamless and easy cutover to Mode5.

Step 2 | Project Planning

Our team will put together a customized project plan to ensure a smooth transition. This will include working with your application vendors and setting key milestones for project completion.

Step 3 | Provisioning

Mode5 will provision your applications and WebDesk. We will ensure your applications are running properly prior to cutover. Users can also log in to the WebDesk for testing and training prior to going live.

Step 4 | Data Migration

Mode5 will migrate your applications, data, and email from your existing network to the Mode5 Cloud. We will plan this to ensure minimal disruption to your operation.

Step 5 | Go Live

Once critical application data has been migrated you are ready! Simply log in to your WebDesk and access your applications and data. Mode5 is available to you and your staff to support your new cloud network.