The WebDesk is a customized web portal to your cloud network for easy access to your data and business applications from anywhere and any device online.

WebDesk Cloud Computing Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond

Your Own Username and Login

You are provided with your own username and login to ensure secure access to your personal WebDesk. This is powered by Microsoft’s Active Directory to ensure security.

Access to Your Applications and Data

Your customized WebDesk delivers access to only the applications and data that you need.

One Click Data Launch

Once logged into your WebDesk, you will have access to your applications and data. Simply launch the desired application and it opens as if it were running on your local desktop or tablet. You can print to your local printers and your applications will function as if they were running right from your own onsite server.

Accessible from Almost Any Device

Your WebDesk is accessible from almost any device. Because Mode5 is powered by Citrix you can access your data and applications from PCs, Macs, Ipads, Iphones, Android Tablets, and Android Phones. No longer will you have to worry about your device not being compatible. You will also have full access to your network regardless of which device is used. In addition, you can easily connect your phone or tablet to our mail servers to access your calendars, contacts, and emails quickly on the go.

Completely Customizable

Your customized WebDesk will display your company logo and you can group your favorite applications, perform key activities,  and even post company announcements. Also, the WebDesk allows you to post company announcements to share with your entire staff.

What’s on my WebDesk?

  • Microsoft Office – The full version.
  • Microsoft Exchange – Centralized calendar, email, and contacts for your staff. Calendar sharing and mobile access are also included.
  • Cloud Storage – Mode5 hosts your data, applications, and mail on our high performance and redundant storage array.
  • Cloud Applications – Your WebDesk includes access to your own business applications. Mode5 can help migrate your existing applications or even locate new application providers for your business.
  • Maintenance and Support – Each WebDesk is backed by Mode5’s phenomenal support with all of the features of traditional managed services which includes maintenance, monitoring, patch management, and customer support.

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