Mode5 Advanced Security 


With Security Threats Increasing a Standard Firewall May No Longer Be Enough to Protect Your Network.

Mode5 Advanced SecuritySecurity threats are growing more sophisticated by the day. From phishing emails, key-loggers, viruses, ransomware, sophisticated email hacks, and more, your network has never faced this many threats. Last year there were 38 percent more security incidents detected and 81 percent of security breach victims report that they did not have a managed security service in place to protect them. In addition, many regulatory bodies are requiring businesses to do more to protect their data from security breaches and other malicious activity. Take action now to protect your business with Mode5 Advanced Security.

Five Benefits of Mode5 Advanced Security

Advanced Firewall Hardware and Wireless Access Point Included

Our service includes firewall hardware for your network so you will never have to worry about purchasing firewall hardware again. The hardware comes with a full warranty and we deliver patches to the firewall as they become available so the system remains up-to-date. We also include one wireless access point (WAP). More WAPs are available for purchase for larger wireless deployments.

Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS)

Mode5 Advanced Security analyzes all traffic in and out of your network and helps prevent intrusions. IPS is frequently updated and gives real-time protection from spyware, scripts, and protocol based attacks.

Perimeter Antivirus Protection Minimizes Virus Infections and Hacks

Security is always best approached in layers. At your house, for example, you can lock your door, the deadbolt, have an alarm system and even a dog. By adding a mix of anti-virus and malware protection to the firewall, we are adding more ways to prevent time wasting viruses and serious hacks. This protection is in addition to the antivirus on your workstations and since it is a blend of different antivirus applications, it increases the chance of detection.

Improve Security and Productivity with Web Filtering

Not only are some internet sites huge productivity killers, some of them pose serious security risks to your network. Many hackers exploit your network because a user unknowingly went to a site and infected your network. With Mode5 Advanced Security we can block time wasting web sites, illicit content, and sites that pose a security risk to your organization.

Security Monitoring and Reporting

With standard firewalls, if a hacker is trying to access your network you may never even know about it. Afterall, what good is having security features if no one is ever alerted to a problem? With Mode5 Advanced Security we monitor firewall and receive notifications if key alerts are triggered on the firewall. You can rest easy knowing that Mode5 is standing watch. In addition, you will receive a monthly security report containing key information about network activity.