Mode5 Apps


Access Your Business Application From Anywhere With Any Device

The Mode5 WebDesk provides access to your “published” cloud applications. Application publishing is simply making your applications and data accessible securely online.

Five Key Advantages of Applications on the Mode5 Cloud


Your Applications in the Cloud

Most companies have applications they prefer and already use for their business. Instead of switching to a limited web application or learning something new, we publish the applications you already have and provide full integration with your company data.


A published application looks and feels like you are running it right from your desktop. The only difference you may notice between a local application and a Mode5 published application is improved performance and easier access.

Local Device Access

Our published applications are fueled by Citrix. With Citrix, most printers and scanners are supported so you can print and scan to your local devices easily. You can even save to your flash devices or local hard drives.

Access From Any Device

With Mode5, your applications and data are accessible from PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android Phones, and Android tablets. In the past, accessing your applications from devices other than PCs was difficult and typically offered limited access. Your WebDesk will provide full features to all your applications from any of these devices.

Access From Anywhere

The Mode5 Cloud is web-based, which means you can access your applications from anywhere in the world. With local networks, configuring remote access and setting up new locations can be a lot of work. With the Mode5 WebDesk, access out of the office is simple. Just log in to your WebDesk and you are ready to work.