Mode5 Backup: Advanced System Imaging

Never Worry About Your Backup System Again

Too often we hear stories of lost data, excessive downtime, and overall frustration with inadequate backup systems. Mode5 Backup: Advanced System Imaging is the most impressive backup yet for on-premises servers and critical workstations. Our ASI solution will take snapshot images of your critical systems and can replicate them to the Mode5 Data Center. With ASI, your data is stored in three places: your server, your Mode5 Backup device, and the Mode5 Data Center all without ever having to touch a thing. Best of all, with ASI, should your critical systems fail, we can have them up and running in no time so you can get back to work.

Five Benefits of Advanced System Imaging

Image-based Backups

Image-based backups reduce system recovery times and ensure that all data on a server is backed up including the operating system and applications. Often times, companies only backup data which requires them to reload applications causing unnecessary delays and downtime.  ASI allows for fast, efficient recoveries, giving companies the ability to bounce back quickly following a major disaster or even the deletion of a single file.

Ultra Fast Backups Use Less Bandwidth and Less Storage

Our backup methodology allows only changes to be backed up after your first full backup. That means that back ups take less time to complete, uses less bandwidth for offsite replication, and requires less storage than traditional backup solutions.

Lightning Fast Restoration Minimizes Downtime

Our support center can completely restore an entire server from the ground up in minutes instead of days through a lightning fast restore process. To further reduce downtime, with ASI, you have the option of purchasing one of our Mode5 Hot Spare servers. The ASI software can quickly move your server operations to the Hot Spare server in minutes so you can be up and running even faster if you have a complete server failure.


Mode5 Backup: ASI allows you the flexibility to choose what is right for your business. You have the freedom to choose multiple backup schedules, multiple retention policies, local backups, offsite backups, and more.

Offsite Replication

Your backups can be replicated to the Mode5 Data Center keeping you safe from data loss disasters without having to lift a finger! If you prefer not to replicate to the Mode5 Data Center, ASI can replicate to external hard drives for manual off siting.