Mode5 Backup


Never Worry About Your Backup System Again

Mode5 Backup will take snapshot images of your servers nightly to protect all of your important data. These images are then replicated to the Mode5 Data Center for disaster recovery purposes. With Mode5 Backup your data is stored in three places: your server, your Mode5 Backup device, and the Mode5 Data Center all without ever having to touch anything. In addition to a fast and easy backup, these images can be used to restore servers in the event of a serious hardware or software crash or disaster. This greatly reduces the amount of time that is required to recover from a disaster.

Five Benefits of Mode5 Backup


Image Based Backups for Faster Recovery

Image-based backups reduce system recovery times. Mode5 Backup allows for fast, efficient recoveries, giving companies the ability to bounce back quickly following a major disaster or even the deletion of single file.

Faster Recovery with our Universal Restore Feature

Our Support Center can completely restore a server from the ground up in hours instead of days through a lightning fast bare metal restore process. In the event of a total server failure, companies are not always able to find similar replacement equipment. Our Mode5 Backup Universal Restore Feature allows systems to be restored to dissimilar hardware or even virtual machines, eliminating the procurement and interoperability factors when trying to get the business back up and running quickly.

Hot spare Server Access*

With the Mode5 Backup Universal Restore feature In the event of a complete server failure, Ghent Computer can restore your servers on to a spare server provided by Mode5 at no additional cost! This can prevent days of downtime while waiting for a new server or spare parts.

Integration with Mode5 Managed

Mode5 Backup is integrated with our Mode5 Managed IT Service. Our Support Center will be notified immediately if a backup failure should occur. In addition, your monthly Executive Summary Report will show the status of your backup health.

More Reliable Backups

No need to worry about pesky database and open file backup problems. Imaging takes an entire snap shot of the operating system to avoid open file and database errors that are common in file based backup systems.

*Hot spare server access only available in certain areas.