Mode5 Ensures Your Cloud Network is Safe and Secure

With Mode5 Cloud, you can rest easy knowing your network and data is safe and secure. Our SAS 70 Type II data center is a fortress protected by thick walls and 24/7/365 staffed security. Having your network hosted in our facility removes the burden of daily administrative tasks associated with having equipment at your office. Now you’ll never have to buy, install, or upgrade server equipment for your business again. With Mode5 Cloud, there are no more servers, UPS units, or backups to manage at your site which allows you to focus on what’s important—your business.

Benefits of the Mode5 Data Center

1. Top-Notch Protection Security and Protection

The Mode5 Data Center is protected with top-notch security with CCTV surveillance and biometric access to ensure only authorized access, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. In addition to physical on-site security, the Mode5 Data Center is securely protected by Mode5 Advanced Security Services. These secure services include advanced firewall protection, intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-malware, content filtering, and more. Finally, you can trust that your data and virtual network is private and limited only to your company.

2. Equipment Owned and Operated by Mode5

No need to worry about any of our equipment or operations going overseas, since Mode5 owns and securely operates the Mode5 Data Center right here in Virginia.

3. Improve ROI

The Mode5 Data Center gives you maximum performance for a reasonable price. By taking advantage of the Mode5 Data Center, you will achieve a higher return on investment than higher priced competitors like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

4. Maxime Your Performance to Get More Done

With other cloud services, speed and performance often takes a back seat. Competitors often save costs by investing in lesser gear. This results in a big slow down for the users. The Mode5 Data Center is designed for maximum performance including fast routers, switches, servers, Internet, and all flash SANs.

5. Data Center Reliability your Business Can Count On

By utilizing Mode5 Cloud, your network can achieve an amazing 99.95% guaranteed uptime. Our data center is built with high levels of redundancy to ensure maximum reliability. The Mode5 Data Center is equipped with redundant power circuits, UPS batteries, generators, cooling systems and Internet. With Mode5 Data Center, your cloud services will be available when you need so you can get things done.

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All photos are actual images of the Mode5 Data Center.