encrypt What is the Mode5 Cloud Desktop?


Your Mode5 Cloud Network is easily and readily accessible to you from anywhere on any device through your Mode5 Cloud Desktop.  This easy to use platform offers you access to your applications and data securely through the cloud, just like you would on your local desktop.

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Access Your Apps and Files, Just Like a Traditional Desktop

The Mode5 Cloud Desktop keeps working in the cloud simple. Keep the look and feel of the local desktop that you’re used to. Simply connect to your Mode5 Cloud Desktop using the built-in remote desktop application.

Single Sign-On and Security

Single sign-on makes it easy for logging in to your Mode5 Cloud Desktop and Microsoft Office 365, keeping your passwords down to one for your local desktop and your Mode5 Cloud Desktop. Extend policy management to your local computer to improve security and productivity.

Gain Access from Any Device

Once logged into your Mode5 Cloud Desktop, you will have access to your applications and data. Simply sign-on and it opens as if it were running on your local desktop or tablet. You can print to your local printers and your applications will function as if they were running right from your own onsite server.

Accessible from Any Location

Your Mode5 Cloud Desktop is accessible from almost any device. Because Mode5 is powered by the Mode5 Data Center, you can access your data and applications from PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets, and Android Phones. No longer will you have to worry about your device not being compatible. You will also have full access to your network regardless of which device is used. In addition, you can easily connect your phone or tablet to the Mode5 Cloud Desktop to access your calendars, contacts, and emails quickly from home, a client’s location and even the coffee shop.

Work More Efficiently with Microsoft Office 365

Improve your productivity and collaboration by adding Microsoft Office 365, included in the Microsoft Cloud Network. Gain access to your full desktop applications directly through your Mode5 Cloud Desktop or by logging into www.office.com.

Access to all your important files and documents, including easy access to your email through Microsoft Hosted Exchange. There’s no need to maintain a local email server, and you can easily share and synch files with One Drive and SharePoint.

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