Mode5 Cloud Network 

What is the Mode5 Cloud Network?

Your Mode5 Cloud Network is like your local network, but is hosted offsite in our Mode5 Data Center, a SAS 70 Type II facility. It is composed of dedicated, private cloud servers and the Mode5 Cloud Desktop that you can access easily, and securely from anywhere in the world. Leverage enterprise computing capabilities to get more done for a fraction of the cost. Mode5 Cloud Network is easy and accessible, available from anywhere on any device.

Five Benefits of Using Mode5 Cloud Network:

1. Focus on Your Business Not Your Network: Avoid costly hardware upgrades every few years, minimize points of failure, and rest easy knowing that critical applications and data are safe in the cloud. Best of all, it has never been easier to access your desktop anywhere, anytime.

2. Keeping Your Data Safe & Private: Gain peace of mind knowing that all traffic and data is secured in the cloud. Single sign-ons to help manage user access, security updates, secure protection from unauthorized traffic, along with data encryption ensure secure computing for your business.

3. Avoid Costly Downtime and Get More Done: Avoid costly downtime by leveraging enterprise redundancy and maximum uptime in the cloud. The Mode5 Data Center offers a 99.95% uptime guarantee so you can keep meet your business goals.

4. Gain Peace of Mind with Compliance: Mode5 Cloud Network helps your business meet today’s compliance requirements by leveraging a secure data center and security best practices.

5. Availabile From Anywhere, at Anytime: Mode5’s Cloud Network is available on almost any device, from any location, at any time. With Mode5, your applications are accessible via your Mode5 Cloud Desktop so you can log in to your cloud network from home, a client’s location and even the coffee shop.

In addition, gain peace of mind and improve business communication with Microsoft Office 365. Included in the Mode5 Cloud Network, you can choose the best Office 365 option that is right for your business. Improve security compliance with email archiving and eDiscovery, increase productivity with One Drive & SharePoint and more!

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