Mode5 Cloud

Mode5 Cloud offers top-notch security to protect your hosted network and business data. Our service is delivered from a SAS 70 Type II data center and provides enterprise security and redundancy you can rely on.

Mode5 Data Center Security Specifications

Access Security

With Mode5 Cloud only certified users will have access to your business applications and data. This access is protected by industry-standard SSL encryption to ensure your connection is protected & safe at all times while still allowing easy access for your business from any location.

User & Data Security

Mode5 Cloud provides a unique login and password for each user backed by Microsoft Active Directory. In addition, password complexity and rotation policies are applied to each user. All of your business data is secured and only accessible by your staff. Permissions are also configured to grant each user granular access to data, folders and applications based on your specifications.

Firewall Protection

Enterprise firewalls are in operation at our data center to regulate and monitor network traffic to and from our facility.


Industry standard anti-virus protection is in place to protect all Mode5 Cloud servers. This includes continuous definition updates, upgrades, preventative scanning, monitoring, and alerts.


Mode5 Cloud includes anti-spam protection to ensure mail security and to avoid unwanted, time-wasting spam.

Physical Security

Mode5 Cloud is delivered from our SAS 70 Type II data center which includes required access key cards, biometric scanners, perimeter video surveillance and 24x7x365 guarded monitoring. The Mode5 Data Center also has redundant power, internet, and more to provide a stable environment your business can count on.

Staff Accountability

Mode5 performs background checks on all staff members to ensure the integrity of our team. You can rest assured that our infrastructure and your network are in good hands.

Mode5 Data Center Maintenance Practices

System Maintenance & Maintenance

Routine system maintenance is performed daily. Maintenance windows are also established for off-hours to avoid work interruptions. Systems are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure 99.95% uptime.

Patch Management & Updates

Regular patch management is performed on the Mode5 Cloud infrastructure to assure that servers receive critical Microsoft Windows updates. Our system software manages the deployment and installation to ensure proper patching.


Daily backups of the Mode5 performed with two week retention that allowing recovery of deleted or previous versions of files. Offsite backups are securely replicated from our Reston, Virginia facility to our New York City data center.

Have more questions? Please contact a Mode5 representative for additional details.