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Mode5 Cloud Voice

Tired of a Prehistoric Phone System?
Modernize your Communication with Mode5 Cloud Voice.

Mode5 Cloud Voice utilizes market leading VoIP Phones such as Polycom, Cisco, and more.

Many businesses are using phone systems that are several years old and don’t take advantage of today’s modern technology. Mode5 has partnered with Star2Star, an industry leading voice over IP telephone company, to offer Mode5 Cloud Voice. This exciting new phone service offers advanced features that can help you get more done and stay in better communication with your clients and staff.

Five Benefits of Mode5 Cloud Voice:

1. Save Money: Our phone system provides many ways for clients to save money including lower line costs, dynamically pooling and bursting lines to save money across locations, and more!

2. Maximum Uptime and Quality: We guarantee 99.999% uptime so you don’t have to worry about work interruptions. Our hybrid cloud technology also means that call quality is superior to other hosted VOIP solutions.

3. Advanced Features: Many older phone systems do not have many features. With Mode5 Cloud Voice you can take many productivity boosting features such as mobile apps, voicemail to email, call center capabilities, call recording, self administration, chat, video chat, desktop faxing, a desktop application and more! For a full list of features and benefits click here.

4. Scalability: Mode5 Cloud Voice is extremely scalable across multiple locations and thousands of phones. Organizations with many users and locations can save money also by eliminating costly MPLS networks and by dynamically pooling and bursting lines.

5. Disaster Recovery: Mode5 Cloud Voice is a hybrid cloud technology which means most of the key features of the phone system such as auto attendants, voicemail and more are stored in the Cloud. If you lose connectivity at one location, we can route calls to another or to mobile devices.

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