Mode5 Ensures Your Cloud Network is Safe and Secure

With Mode5 Cloud you can rest easy knowing your network and data is safe and secure. Our SAS 70 Type II data center is a fortress protected by thick walls and 24/7/365 staffed security. Having your network hosted in our facility removes the burden of daily administrative tasks associated with having equipment at your office. Now you’ll never have to buy, install, or upgrade server equipment for your business again. Why also waste your time on complicated hardware issues, when we can fully manage and protect your company network within a professional data center. With Mode5 Cloud there are no more servers, UPS units, or backups to manage at your site which allows you to focus on what’s important—your business.

99.95% Data Center Reliability Your Business Can Count On

By utilizing Mode5 Cloud your network can achieve an amazing 99.95% guaranteed uptime. Our data center is built with high levels of redundancy to ensure maximized reliability. The Mode5 Data Center is equipped with redundant power circuits, UPS batteries, generators, cooling systems and even Internet. Also our facility has the infrastructure and reliability un-parallel to what can be provided at your office. With Mode5 Cloud now you can count on your hosted network being available when you need it.

Enterprise Level Data and Physical Security

Improve the safety of your data over a traditional local network by obtaining top-notch physical security in our data center. Our facility is 24/7/365 manned with CCTV surveillance and biometric access to ensure only authorized access. There is also no need to worry about backing up or encrypting your data since it is protected in our SAS 70 Type II data center.
We use state-of-the-art firewall appliances and internal file level access control to ensure you achieve the highest level of data security possible with Mode5 Cloud.

Mode5 is run on State-of-the-Art Data Center Infrastructure

The Mode5 Cloud Infrastructure was engineered ground-up by our team using state-of-the-art equipment and data center technology standards. Our equipment is configured to be fully redundant with load balancing to ensure maximum availability. We manage our highly available servers, storage arrays, routers, switches, and data center equipment so you don’t have to. You simply login and access your Mode5 network without the added hassle of this equipment.

Why your network more secure with Mode5 Cloud than your own building
  • Reliability: Your network is protected in our certified and redundant data center
  • Security: Enterprise physical security and data protection for your network
  • Availability: 99.95% Guaranteed up-time for your Mode5 Cloud hosted network


See for yourself. Tour the Mode5 Data Center

Would you like more information regarding the Mode5 Data Center or are located in the Northern Virginia area and would like to tour our facility?

Please contact Mode5 and we will review your questions or schedule a walk-through of our data center. We’re proud of our environment and would be happy to show you the additional security benefits Mode5 can offer your network.

All photos are actual images of the Mode5 Data Center.