Mode5 Hybrid Cloud


Mode5 Hybrid Cloud is the best combination of the Mode5 Cloud and your existing on-premises network. For some businesses, a full cloud solution may not be the right fit. If you need additional capabilities on your local network such as applications, databases, and more, Mode5 can provision cloud servers to meet this need. This hybrid approach allows you to leverage the flexibility and benefits of the Mode5 Cloud and your existing local network infrastructure investment.

A Tailored Cloud Solution to Meet Your Needs:

Application Hosting: If you need to add or upgrade an application, you may need additional server resources. With Hybrid Cloud, Mode5 can provision cloud servers instead of expanding your local network. Application hosting is simply making your applications accessible from the cloud to your users.

Server Hosting: If you need a server and want the benefits of the cloud, we can host it for you. From database servers, file servers, and more, we have you covered.

Active Directory Hosting: If you need to add security to your local network, but do not want to invest in a local server, Mode5 can help. We can host a domain controller for you in the Mode5 Cloud. This ensures that proper network management policies are deployed to your computers saving you time, improving security, and helping you meet compliance standards.

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