Mode5 Mail


Email, Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks Accessible From The Cloud

Hosted Microsoft Exchange – Microsoft Exchange is a powerful messaging and collaboration tool included with every WebDesk. With Mode5 Cloud you can take advantage of enterprise email, calendaring, contacts, and tasks. Because it is hosted in the Mode5 Cloud you can access it from anywhere and any device.

5 Features of Mode5 Mail


Email, Calendar, Contacts, & Tasks

With Exchange, all of your email, calendars, contacts, and tasks are stored in a central location. This means whether you are accessing it from your WebDesk, WebMail, or a mobile device, you can quickly send an email or schedule a meeting.


With Mode5 Hosted Exchange you share calendars, contacts, and tasks within your organization. Save time by viewing your colleagues’ calendars to see when they are available. Access a company contact list for common contacts. This sharing can be secured so you give access to all of your staff, some of your staff, or no one if you prefer.

Easy Access

With Exchange you can manage your email, calendars, and more with any device. Want to clear out your inbox while waiting for your lunch? No problem. When you get back to your office, all the work you have done on your phone is saved. Forgot your laptop? Jump on any computer or mobile device and check your email from Webmail.

Spam Filtering

Mode5 Mail includes spam filtering. Spam can really waste your time. With our intuitive spam filtering system we send spam to a folder that you can review. By keeping your inbox clean, we save you time and hassle.


No need to worry about losing important emails. The Mode5 Cloud is rigorously backed to make sure you don’t lose emails or calendar items.