Managed IT

Mode5 Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Keep Businesses Running Smoothly

If you have an on-premises server Mode5’s Managed IT Service will make your network run better. You’ll have less problems so you will have more time to focus on your business. Guaranteed. Mode5 Managed IT is currently offered in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Five Benefits of Using Mode5 Managed IT Services:

1. Guaranteed, Faster Response Times: Mode5 Managed customers have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which guarantees response time. That means your computer problems are fixed faster.

2. Unlimited Support for One Flat Fee: With our unlimited support plan, you and your employees can submit support requests when needed, which minimizes downtime and frustration. Make budgeting easy and your accountant happy by getting rid of an invoice for every single service call. You receive only one monthly bill with one flat fee.

3. 24×7 Problem Prevention Monitoring & Maintenance: Mode5 Managed offers constant maintenance of your computers and servers. We run nightly, weekly and monthly maintenance to keep your computers running as efficiently as possible. Our proactive team will find potential problems and fix them before they cause disruptions. Let us catch the “sparks” before they turn into “fires.”

4. Vendor Management: Have you ever had a problem with your computers and not known who to call? Mode5 Managed covers most of your technology with our vendor management feature. We will document all of your information regarding your internet provider, printer provider, copier provider, software providers and more. When you have a problem, we’ll figure out where the issue lies and work with the vendor to get it fixed.

5. Reporting and Ticket Tracking: Mode5 offers a monthly report card of your network to report on its most critical processes. With the Mode5’s Executive Summary Report, you are regularly informed of work Mode5 has performed and the health of your network.

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