Keeping Your Data Secure, Just Got Easier.

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, keeping your data secure is more complex than ever. Traditional user security involves a simple username and password. However, that may no longer be enough to protect you as hackers are getting better and better at cracking those usernames and passwords potentially giving them access to your network.

One solution to strengthen network security and minimize the risk of username and password hacking is multi-factor authentication. This adds an additional layer of protection on top of a username and password by requiring a passcode from a device like a mobile device to gain access to your network. Mode5 is excited to offer Mode5 Secure Sign-on to provide multi-factor authentication to those that want to strengthen their user security or to meet compliance standards.

Top 3 Benefits to Mode5 Secure Sign-on

1. Gain Peace of Mind with Quick & Secure Access

After you log on to your computer, you will be prompted on your mobile device to enter a passcode before you can go any further. This timed and temporary passcode will be available to you on your mobile device, giving you the option to approve or deny access. Simply enter the passcode and log on to your computer. If a hacker has your username and password, they will not be able to log on to your computer without the passcode.

Don’t have access to a mobile device? Not a problem! For those users who may not have access to a mobile device to approve their authentication, simply plug in a USB device which acts as physical code.

This type of secure authentication greatly reduces the possibility of a hacker accessing your network with only a hacked username and password.

2. Managing Mode5 Secure Sign-on is Simple

For administrators, manage your users easily via a centralized webpage. Create groups, add and remove users, control user access settings, or have your IT provider manage it for you.

3. No-Hassle Monitoring and Reporting

Mode5 Secure Sign-on gives your visibility into user authentication by providing detailed activity reports.

Interested in Mode5 Secure Sign-on?

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