Mode5 Webdesk


Easy Access Applications, Data, and Email with One Login

The WebDesk is a customized web portal that allows you and your staff to easily access your cloud network. With a single sign-on you can open your applications, access data, check email, and share information with your company from anywhere and any device online.

Five Key Advantages of Mode5 Webdesk with Cloud Hosting


Your Desktop Simplified

With the Mode5 WebDesk, now you can access all of your company data and applications securely online. Your full desktop is available from any desktop, tablet, or phone which means your data is always available on the go when you need it.

Your Business Applications

Each Mode5 WebDesk includes the latest Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, and Outlook, plus all of your business applications. When launched, each application looks and feels like you are running it right from your desktop. Because Mode5 Cloud is hosted on high performance equipment many customers notice improved performance in running their applications.

Your Customized WebDesk

Each Mode5 Cloud user is provided their own customizable WebDesk. This company portal allows applications to be launched, favorites to be created to sites and programs, and even customized announcements to be displayed for each company.

Use Any Device

With Mode5 Cloud it’s no longer important what hardware you use to access your business network. You can launch your personal WebDesk from any workstation, tablet, phone or Internet enabled device that can access the Mode5 portal. Your full desktop is available from each device so switching between them makes working on the go even easier.

Work From Anywhere

Mode5 Cloud is web-based so you can access your applications from anywhere in the world. If your device has Internet you can access your person WebDesk and work like your right in the office. Our WebDesk technology will also recognize your local printers so you can print at your location as if your on the same network. No more complicated software programs or VPNS’s for your to connect to your office network.