Network Health Assessment

Our Network Health Assessment provides critical information to help you better understand your network.

If you are concerned about the health of your computer network or just want to see if you can decrease costs or increase productivity, take advantage of our Complimentary Network Health Assessment. Many IT companies charge thousands of dollars for similar assessments. The time commitment needed from you is minimal as we perform the assessment. Best of all, if you request this service, there is no pressure to do business with Mode5. Our goal is to help you better understand your network and determine what if any action may be needed to ensure its healthy operation.

The Network Health Assessment consists of three main steps:

Needs Analysis

Our first step is to ask you a few questions to determine what questions or concerns you may have regarding the network. We want to make sure that our Network Health Assessment provides you the value you are looking for.

Network Analysis

Our second step is to complete our 55 point Network Assessment Checklist and perform an in depth scan of your network. This helps us determine what if any problems or concerns there are with your network and to determine any areas of improvement. Mode5 will evaluate your backup solution, security, applications, hardware, network performance, and more.

Assessment Results & Action Plan

Finally, we will present our Network Health Assessment Results and Action Plan. Our in depth presentation and reports will show where your network meets industry standards and what if any action needs to be taken to better protect the network. Even if you choose not to work with Mode5, you can still benefit from the results from this valuable assessment.

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