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Written by Tiana Lopez

If you have written a paper, a report, created a spreadsheet, or created a PowerPoint presentation over the years, there is a good chance you have used Microsoft Office. Most of us are so used to using the software on a daily basis, that we forget all the programs it offers, and just how often we actually use and need them in our daily work and personal lives. Over the years, things certainly have changed and are continuing to change. The Microsoft Office as I know it is nothing but ancient history now, and we are moving into the new era with Office 365.

5 Reasons Why Office 365 Is What You Need To Use NOW

1. Boost Productivity and Security with the latest Microsoft Office

Most software programs only give you the option to purchase software outright with up front costs. This doesn’t allow you to upgrade when a new version comes out and can be heavy on the wallet. It also means that many Office users are stuck on old and outdated versions. Because Office 365 is a subscription, you are eligible to upgrade to the latest software package at any time and take advantage of the new productivity boosting features, security enhancements, and ensure compatibility with other applications. Office 365 offers several packages to meet your needs and can be purchased in manageable monthly payments or on a yearly plan at a discounted rate.

2. Improve Communication & Collaboration with Hosted Exchange

Pop up email and Hosted Exchange are two types of email solutions. However, the benefits to Hosted Exchange are far greater than Pop Email, and here’s why:

Pop Email: Access is only local to wherever you have your Outlook (if you only have it on your office desktop, that’s the only place you can access it), no synchronizing, and no backup. If you read an email on your phone, it will still show as unread on your desktop. There is also typically no sharing of calendars, contacts, and more so collaboration with your clients and staff is much more difficult.
Microsoft Exchange: Synchronizes your email, contacts, calendar items and more across all of your devices. It provides backups for your data, improves security, is more compliant than pop email options, and improves your overall productivity. Microsoft Exchange improves communication with your staff and clients by sharing calendars, contacts, and more.
Hosted Exchange vs On-premises Exchange: For years Mode5 has been recommending and installing on-premises Exchange. That means having a server in your office dedicated as an email server. With the improvements of the Microsoft data center over the years, it makes more financial sense to move Exchange out of your office and into the Cloud.

3. Improved File Sharing with One Drive

Anyone who has used a cloud based drive to store documents and files, knows the benefit of having this access. It’s easy to use, and being able to access your info anywhere is invaluable. Dropbox has one of the most well known and popular sources for this type of drive, however Dropbox has one GIANT flaw: Security. Dropbox users often use personal accounts to share files, creating a huge security breach for most companies. If, when, and for whatever reason that employee leaves the company, they now have access to confidential information that they no longer need or should have access to. Want more information on the dangers of using Dropbox? Please see one of our previous blog posts addressing this issue here.

One Drive through Office 365 offers the security of knowing that your data is safe within the One Drive environment, through your account. You have the ability and the power to control who can see and who can access your information. Just like Hosted Exchange, you can access the One Drive feature for a low cost, synchronize your data, and access it on any device. One Drive is a great supplement to your existing file servers and is also a very cost effective cloud file sharing solution.

4. Gain Peace of Mind with Improved Compliance

Some industries require you to meet IT compliance standards. For example, those in the medical field know this requirement with the need to follow the guidelines of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). Office 365 meets HIPPA compliance standards saving you time and money. Some plans feature email archiving, eDiscovery, and more to make sure you are in compliance. Keep in mind, the medical field is not the only industry in which IT compliance standards apply. Law firms, accounting firms, and more are applicable to these categories. If you are unsure if you’re business falls into this required standard, please give us a call and we can help.

5. Helping Those that Help Our Community: Options for Non-Profits

If you are a tax exempt non-profit organization, this one is for you. Office 365 may be the best thing for your business.

Here are 2 major benefits:

1. Cost-There is low or no cost for you. You heard me: LOW or NO COST. To see the different pricing options, click here.

2. Unlimited users-This option allows you to focus on the great work you are doing, and not worrying about counting the amount of licenses you have so that you can continue to work.

All in all, switching to Office 365 is a no brainer. You can purchase Office 365 directly through Microsoft, but when you are ready to purchase and have questions (because you definitely will have questions), we are here to help. Please contact us at 757-628-8324 or visit us online here, to get help and instruction in choosing the best option for your business.

Work smarter, not harder. Get started today!

Questions? Feel free to contact us at 757-628-8324, for additional questions about Office 365 or any other questions you may have about what we recommend for your business. For updates and other announcements, feel free to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, and You Tube.

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