Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our customers are saying about Mode5

At Mode5, our clients love us and we love them too! Here’s some feedback that we’ve received from our wonderful clients.

“With Mode5 Managed IT Services we can allow all of our employees to submit service requests directly without getting approval from managers. It saves time for our employees and we can use our employees in different roles, as opposed to spending their time tracking down solutions to IT problems, which ultimately may save us money. As the partner who probably has the most IT knowledge, almost every question from my vendors came to me and that took time out of my practice and kept me in the office longer. So allowing vendors and staff to go directly to Mode5 has made a huge impact on the amount of time I spend in the office on IT issues and allows me more time to spend on patients.”
Dr. Dan Neumann
Partner, Tidewater Gastro

“I recently went away…and did not think about our computers, and that may have been the first time I have ever been out of this office for a week when I was not called on the phone to walk somebody through something. So the peace of mind… is a wonderful thing… it’s like they’re on your own personal staff. It’s like being part of a large corporation where you’re calling your own IT department. You have improved upon greatness – that’s good. I really am pleased!”
D. Marie Williams More
Comptroller, Decorum of Virginia, Inc.

“I lost sleep. I worried constantly. I had so many IT people in here that didn’t do what they told me they were doing or what they were charging me. Computers are not my thing and I don’t understand it, and so we needed somebody who did, and I’ve had several computer people in the past who band-aided it enough for me to limp along, but nobody has taken care of it like you guys are. We were looking for someone to monitor the brains of the operation so that I could function on the day-to-day operations and something wouldn’t creep in to shut me down and I wouldn’t even know what hit me, which has happened on several occasions in the past. Those are the things that have happened to me in the past where I’ve been totally dysfunctional for weeks and months at a time and that’s never going to happen to me again. With Mode5, I can sleep at night. That’s the truth. I don’t worry about it. I know that you’re worrying about it. I do not remember, since you guys have been taking care of me, that I’ve been down ever. I think the price is cheap for the peace of mind that I get with it and that is an invaluable safety net for me. Anybody in my business who uses their computers for a lifeline would agree. I’ve been to hell and back on my computers, so you’re like my angels watching the ship so that we don’t sink. I can’t tell you how precious that’s been.”
Tammy Tozier
Owner, Preferred Escrow and Title

“Before Mode5, I felt like every computer workstation was doing their own thing. I’ve had my systems crash while I’ve been going to a business and then I’m done. The computers to our plumbing business are essential. If the computers cut off, I can turn the lights off and tell everybody to go home. It just became the biggest debacle. I’m running a plumbing company, I don’t need to be dealing with trying to maintain computer systems all day. With GoSys, everything runs so smooth, no hiccups, no glitches, no computer problems, no nothing. The other day, we had the power go out and my phone is ringing because you all want to know why my server power went out. That’s just amazing. It has taken stress off me that I don’t have to worry about the computers. It’s like it’s a task I’ve dealt with every day, a computer problem, the email wouldn’t work and this wouldn’t work and that – they all come to me for it. Now it’s taken care of. I’m telling you it’s the best thing I ever did, besides going into business for myself. I mean, I’ve bought so much stuff in the plumbing trade over the years, tools and specialty tools, and I’ll tell you, the best thing I ever did is let you guys take care of my computers because I don’t worry about it.”
Mike Smith
Owner, Performance Plumbing

“It’s like having an in-house IT department at an affordable price. Before Mode5, we had non-technical employees handling computer issues and sometimes they were on the phone for hours. Mode5 is a wonderful company because you do what you say. Everything you said you would do, you have done. And that’s all you can ask. The service has been excellent, the advice is excellent, and the turnaround time is excellent.

We have security because we know our system is going to work and if it doesn’t Mode5 will fix it. We have the security that our backup system is going to work in case of a disaster. We feel like we have a big IT department behind us. And that is real peace of mind. Mode5 is what you advertise and more. Besides doing the work, you are personable and you talk on a non-IT level. You are also very patient with me when I need help.

We are demanding and don’t have any complaints. We expect the best and that’s what Mode5 has delivered. I just wish we would have gone with you sooner. I would definitely recommend Mode5. I couldn’t be more pleased. We interviewed other firms before we went with you and I feel very fortunate that we selected you. GANDERSON LAW, P.C. is 100% satisfied.”
Martin Ganderson
Owner, Ganderson Law, P.C.

“Wanted to reach out and let you know how wonderful Jeremy has been. I truly appreciate you assigning the firm a dedicated person to deal with our challenges. We had quite a few unexpected twist and turns but Jeremy and Warren found solutions for all the issues. I also want to thank Chris Orr for the excellent job with our implementation process. He also worked through some major challenges with Papercut. Please pass on my thanks.

Mode5 is customer service oriented and very responsive – could not ask for better service.”
Shirley Beacham
Firm Administrator, Crenshaw, Ware & Martin, P.L.C.

“Your company has done a very good job for us. Your support team has been a joy to work with, very professional and prompt. You have good people working for you.”
Jim Cobb
IT Operations Manager, Gold Key / PHR Hotels & Resorts

“Mode5 Cloud provides our law firm the opportunity to leverage enterprise class infrastructure at an affordable price. After researching numerous cloud based software solutions, we opted to migrate our existing software applications into the Mode5 environment to leverage all the benefits of a hosted solution while at the same time continuing to leverage our existing investments in traditional client/server based software solutions.”
Rob Sadler
Firm Administrator, Hofheimer Family Law Firm

“When we were on an hourly service, I was getting a lot of computer support requests from my staff. Now they contact Mode5. I literally have no more computer hassles. If we have a problem, you can resolve the issue remotely or schedule somebody to come onsite. I’ve even received calls about issues that I did not know about. Also, the turnaround time is very quick. Chris actually came to my house on a Saturday to work on my home computer because we were having problems with it. I needed it done and he didn’t say, “It’s the weekend I can’t do it”. Honestly and truly, my computer woes are zero because of you guys and because of Mode5.”
Hope Palmer
Administrator, Palmer Elder Law

“Before Mode5, when ever there was a problem, the people we relied on to fix them could only do it in the evening because of them working during the day. With Mode5 you don’t have to think about anything. I mean, it’s kind of all done. It’s on autopilot. You don’t have to worry about, restarting everybody’s computer or downloading updates to them and other things that go along with the daily computer changes. I mean, it’s so simple and it’s so easy. Like I said, to me, it’s a no-brainer. Anybody that doesn’t have it is crazy.”
Ron Ivey
Administrator, St. Stephen Martyr Catholic Church

“We want to thank Mode5 for making our recent move and server upgrade such a smooth experience for everyone who works at Tymoff + Moss. Because of my experience with past office moves, I was dreading the move to our new building. However, thanks to Mode5, we were sending e-mails, receiving faxes, and conducting business as usual within just a few hours of moving our entire headquarters into our new building. The following week, Matt came in on the weekend, and he and Chris installed our new server. On Monday morning, everyone was up and running as usual, with absolutely no problems, no downtime, and no worries at all. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did on that big project, but I also want to thank you for being so patient and helpful whenever we’ve called on you to install new software, reconfigure things, drive over with a new keyboard, or answer our questions. It makes my job so much easier to be able to count on you guys to provide the services that we need to do our work.”
Danielle E. Moore
Tymoff + Moss Architects

“I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had today with your services and in particular- technician Michael. I had two specific requests that needed attention which I submitted through your ticket service late yesterday afternoon. Mike immediately let me know the ticket was received and he was going to be the assigned tech. He called me this morning to address these issues and worked with me over the course of several phone calls and hours until we were both completely satisfied the issues were resolved. I am so impressed with both his knowledge and his patience as we encountered several ‘glitches’ along the way. All the glitches were on my end, not yours. He was very conscious of my time by not keeping me on the phone if he could work without my assistance and never once made me feel stupid for not knowing even basic computer technology or terminology. Computers, and all the technology it encompasses, can be extremely intimidating for us ‘non-tech’ folks, so it was very refreshing to have Mike get the job done in such a timely and very professional manner.

I have always been pleased with my experience with Mode5 and today was another affirmation of your staff’s technical expertise and wonderful customer service. Your reputation for excellence is well deserved. Thank you!!”
Katie Stone
General Manager, Hurrah Players

“I just wanted to relate to you and Luke that all of your tech agents are first rate, and super customer service oriented. In particular today, we have had several urgent needs, and folks like Waylon and Aaron have been on top of every need of ours and incredibly helpful (and even cheerful).

Sometimes folks don’t take the time to share compliments so I thought I would! Great job on selecting and retaining the likes of Waylon and others.”
Gina Madden
Director of Development, Access College Foundation

“…I have really appreciated the help from several of your staff members lately – Waylon is always great to work with, and Will and Alan have been really great helping me lately. It makes it easier on my side. Just wanted you to know, I doubt people get compliments in the IT Help world very much!”
Sarah S. Ward
Harrisonburg Medical Associates

“…Mode5 was the best thing we have done in our IT world. It has been excellent knowing that when there is an issue the support we have received has been prompt and exceptional.

There once was a time I spent several hours 3-4 times a week with people from our old IT company. They assumed I could take care of things that were time consuming and outside my knowledge. I have not had any of those experiences with Mode5 and we are thankful.”
Kathy O. Cross
Office Manager, Cardiac Diagnostic and Treatment Center

“As always, I appreciate the support that Mode5 provides-you’re second to none.”
Sean Braziel
Vice President of Operations, Burdeshaw Associates-An Insignia Company