Microsoft Azure

Why We Chose Microsoft Azure

The Mode5 Cloud Network 2.0 is a fast, secure and reliable network powered by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure provides the high-performance cloud computing that our clients rely on to meet their business objectives.

Top Reasons Why We Chose Microsoft Azure vs. Other Cloud Solutions:

1. Grow with Your Business

With Microsoft Azure, you no longer need to worry about investing in more local network resources when your business begins to grow. Azure offers a scalable cloud environment with large data centers that can accommodate any business size. Whether you need to add servers, storage, or software, expanding your cloud network with Azure can be done quickly to meet your business needs fast.

2. Maximize Productivity

By utilizing Microsoft Azure, small businesses gain access to enterprise performance and reliability. Building local networks with the redundancy and uptime of Azure, can be expensive. With Cloud Network, you can rest assured that your applications and data are available 24/7 with Azure’s 99.95% uptime guarantee.

3. Gain Peace of Mind with Security

Microsoft Azure utilizes security designed to keep your business protected. Azure is backed by Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) to ensure optimum security for your data.  The SDL ensures that Azure is continually tested and updated to ensure protection against a myriad of threats. This, combined with Cloud Network’s security features, result in a secure platform that often exceeds the security of a local network.

4. Flexibility to Meet Your Business Needs

Microsoft Azure offers a host of services that can work in tandem with your local network to give you the best of cloud and on-premises solutions. Take advantage of Azure’s scalability and ROI as you see fit. You can see more about Mode5’s Hybrid Cloud options here.

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