Non-profits can often be challenged with restrictive budgets and low capital for IT improvements leaving their network in much need. Many organizations are adopting cloud networks as an effective solution to update their technology, budget IT costs, and to improve network support. Mode5 offers the following benefits to non-profits looking to better manage their technology.

5 Benefits of Mode5 for the Non-profit Industry


1. Support

Let Mode5 handle the maintenance of your network so you can get back to work. Your staff will receive expert support directly from our team and our response is backed by a guarantee to resolve your problems quickly.

2. IT Budget

Avoid the costly surprise of having to upgrade your network every few years and move your network to the cloud. With Mode5 your IT expenses can be easily budgeted as one monthly expense that eliminates sporadic technology costs to your organization.

3. Cost Savings

With Mode5 Cloud you no longer need local servers, backups, and costly maintenance for this equipment. Mode5 manages your cloud and keeps your software updated for you so you can save on overall ownership costs of your network.

If your business is a 5013c, you may receive Tech Soup Purchasing assistance for Microsoft Office 365.

4. Ease of Use

With Mode5 Cloud accessing your network is easy and can be done from anywhere with any device. Your staff and volunteers can access the network securely from the office, in the field, or home with one single sign-on.

5. Productivity

Each Mode5 Cloud Desktop includes the latest Microsoft Office 365 suite which provides applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, One Drive, & more! Receive discounts with low or no cost benefits for non-profit organizations.