How Microsoft Planner Can Help Get Your Work Life Organized in 2018


With a New Year comes new plans, exciting projects, and a heavy workload. Organizing your task lists can easily become a habit of the past, leaving you overwhelmed and frustrated. Thankfully, Microsoft Office 365 includes a great solution with Microsoft Planner.

Top 3 Ways Microsoft Planner Has Changed My Work Life

1. Decrease Frustration with Organized Task Lists

Microsoft Planner makes organizing your task lists easy. Create task “buckets” for new lists, add checklists, insert photos, files, links, and more! You can even add others to your list and assign tasks. Tracking your task progress has never been easier!

2. Improve Business Communication

Working on group projects has been made easy with Microsoft Planner groups. Create a plan, add members to the group, assign tasks, communicate, and show your project status; all in one place!

3. Available Anywhere, at Anytime

When your work life keeps you busy, you may not always be able to manage your tasks from the comfort of your desktop. Fortunately, Microsoft Planner has an iPhone and Android app available for download. Keeping your tasks under control, no matter where you go.

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