How to Spook Computer Hackers


When it comes to the worst nightmare for a business, a computer hacker is at the top of the list. Invading your computer networks, deleting your backups, demanding ransom? These are some of the scariest things that can happen to your company. However, there are certain best practices that can be put in place to help you spook those computer hackers and keep them off your business networks.

Spook Hackers with Advanced Security

1. Keep Hackers Out Before They Get In

Implementing security best practices with proactive monitoring (NOC aka Network Operations Center) and maintenance, is the best way to keep hackers out of your network in the first place. Advanced firewall hardware will block those hackers with their wall of advanced protection. In addition to the hardware, a NOC department can help deliver patches, make sure your system remains updated, monitor your firewall, and alert you if any hackers are trying to cause any double double toil and trouble.

2. Minimize Hacks with Anti-Virus Protection

In addition to advanced firewall protection, options for anti-virus and anti-malware protection can help add those extra layers needed for scaring off those hackers. These additions on your network serve as a supplement to the applications on your desktop computers, giving the added protection you need.

3. Gain Peace of Mind with Web Filtering

Many hackers have learned the ways that they can infiltrate a network. By adding tempting content and sending infected links in suspicious emails, these hackers have learned how to trick employees like yours to become their next victim. Inadvertently clicking on a link in the body of an email or just being on the wrong website, has been known to cause major problems by infecting networks. Boosting your security and investing in web filtering options can help block those unwanted items from starting before they even begin.

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