Teams McQueen

Microsoft Teams has proven to be a valuable productivity tool for many businesses. It is included in most Microsoft 365 subscriptions and allows organizations to chat, make calls, host meetings and share files.

During the pandemic many of our clients adopted Teams but found there was a lot left to be desired. The application didn’t support as many video streams and features as competitors such as Zoom had. Over the last couple of years Microsoft has really improved Teams to be a more viable alternative to other products, however, the product has remained clunky and slow using a lot of memory and crashing from time to time.

The good news is that Microsoft has released the new Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac. The new Teams app was designed to be faster, simpler, smarter, and more flexible, with notable improvements in speed and memory usage. Microsoft focused on enhancing reliability, security, and IT management for the evolving needs of organizations. Mac users will also experience better performance when using multiple high-resolution monitors if they can be convinced to use Teams.

The user experience is simplified with more personalization options, color sensitivity support, and improved accessibility for users with keyboard shortcuts or screen readers. Users can efficiently manage messages and notifications with new features.

Best of all, to use the new Teams all you need to do is the switch at the top left of the Teams app. If you prefer the old Teams, you have until March of 2024 when it will be gone forever. We suspect there to still be some bugs here and there, but the application is must faster and will drain less of your computer’s resources.