Top 3 Reasons Why We Have a Dynamite IT Support Team


When you need IT Support, the last thing you want to do is call your IT company, only to have the phone ring and ring with no answer. Finding an IT company that will answer you quickly and offer quality service as fast as they can, is sometimes like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Here at Mode5, we can bring your mind at ease, and help give you the support you need for your business.

Top 3 Reasons Why We Have a Dynamite IT Support Team

1. Availability from the Start

We’ve all been in the position at some point, when we needed to call a company for assistance. A lot can be said about a company through your first contact with their customer service. Great customer service starts with being there to assist clients and customers, and being available to answer when needed. In fact, polishing those internal policies and procedures can make a huge impact when implemented. For example, just this year Mode5 has made some changes to increase our customer call satisfaction. In doing so, we achieved the following:

  • From January to May 2017, our average phone answer rate was 89% with a 45 second average answer time.
  • From June 2017 to present, our average phone answer rate was 98%+, with a 1 second average answer time!

The improved average speed of answer helps client needs get handled quickly from the start.

2. Maximizing Our Time Efficiently & Effectively

Wouldn’t it be great to have your IT needs handled quickly and efficiently? We know you are busy, which is exactly why we are here to help. In 2016, Mode5 worked hard at closing tickets quickly from the time they opened to the time they closed (known as the median resolution time). At that time, our average median resolution for tickets was 5 hours.

In 2017, we stepped up our game by taking down our average median resolution time to 2 (two) hours. This metric has resulted in closing 99%+ of all tickets opened year to date.

The overall service improvement has also led to the following:

  • Decrease in the average monthly amount of client service hours from 14.25% in July 2016 to 7.27% in July 2017
  • Increase in client compliments up to 2% of all interactions
  • Increase in overall customer satisfaction rates to 98.2% (according to our 2017 quality assurance client survey), which according to, exceeds the 2016 average of customer satisfaction from other IT companies (92.66% rating).

These median resolution improvements are helping our clients get their requests handled expeditiously, and helps our Support Team proactively manage client needs. This allows our clients to continue working on their business needs, while we can focus on service delivery.

3. Growing Our Business

With the growth in the overall number of clients that we serviced over the past year, we realized the need to grow the Mode5 family. Adding several new team members to our Support Team has been a great asset to our improvement and service success. By adding roles such as a Quality Assurance Analyst, new support technicians and others; we kept our focus on first contact resolution, as well as implementing best practices with our clients. With the help of our teams and feedback from our clients, we will continue to strive towards these remarkable achievements.

Questions? If you have any questions regarding our metric numbers, or if you would like more information regarding Mode5, please contact us or call 757-628-8324.