What is the Cloud?


In today’s technology age, most of us have heard of the cloud. We hear it used in conversation and in relation to where we can access our applications, data, music, movies and more; just by the swift click of a button. But, what exactly is the cloud? Many of us think of the cloud as a place in the sky on puffy, white pillows where we can access this information. However, we know that’s not the case. So, how exactly does the cloud work?

What is the Cloud?

First let’s address what the cloud isn’t. The cloud is not a heavenly place somewhere in the sky, where a group of tech nerds are typing away on their computers to transfer your information from one place to the next. There are no invisible data angels with giant feather wings, and no Netflix fairies transmitting your next binge-watching session from the great blue beyond.

The cloud refers to a secure, physical location where your data is stored on servers. These facilities (known as data centers) are packed with rows and rows of servers, dedicated to storing and providing you with your requested information.

Many organizations use this type of service including Google, Microsoft, Apple, and even local businesses like our own. You can view our data center here.

IT businesses like our own, offer the combination of hosting this information in a secure and redundant cloud environment; along with cloud storage solutions.

How does this work?

The technical aspects of how the cloud works could involve using a ton of words that are in complicated tech language, and eventually you will end up getting a glazed look over your eyes. To put it simply, the cloud allows you to access everything that you can access on your local network; except you can access it from anywhere, at any time with stable internet connection. An example of this type of environment includes the Mode5 Cloud Desktop. With the same feel as your local desktop; you can access all your programs, documents, and even scroll through the internet like you’re used to!

From a business perspective; your staff can work from their office cubical on their desktop computer, to their iPad or cell phone in a different state. Leveraging the 99.9% uptime and redundancy of data centers, helps keep your business moving quickly and smoothly with the convenience and accessibility of the cloud.

How is the cloud safe?

Network security and cybersecurity concerns are at an absolute high and fast-growing rate. It’s understandable to question whether using the cloud is safe. However, let me reassure you: IT IS SAFE.

Since the cloud uses servers to store information and data, those servers are being treated and protected just like any other network server. By utilizing features like Mode5 Advanced Security, these servers are protected by advanced firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion prevention and detection, and other security solutions. In addition, physical on-premises security is implemented to keep the equipment safe. That way, any data going in or going out is secure and protected.

When selecting the right cloud computing environment for your business, be sure they are providing these Advanced Security Services in their data center.

To read the published article on Inside Business, follow the link here.

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