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Medical IT


From helping general businesses and government contractors become NIST compliant with their networks, to helping other professional service companies with their technology needs; Mode5 is here to help.


With Mode5 Cloud, you will no longer need expensive equipment for your network and can more quickly adapt to new technology demands. You can also easily add new staff members, applications, or locations in the cloud; giving your business the flexibility to grow quickly. 


The professional service industry can often have applications needed to run properly. Mode5 will work with your existing software providers to publish these in the cloud, so your staff can easily collaborate and access critical information. Most clients see an improvement on how quickly the applications run, since Mode5 is hosted on high performance equipment in the cloud. 


Hosting your network in the cloud makes it easy to store and access data from anywhere on any device. Mode5 provides the flexibility for your service staff to work from home, in the field, or anywhere with an internet connection to do their jobs. Regardless if it's a computer, tablet, or phone; your full network can be accessed on the go when you need it. 


Computer problems not only impact your staff, but also your customers. Mode5 provides a better running network with less problems and more tools available, so that you can focus on your customer satisfaction. 


Get more work done in less time with Mode5 by simplifying your business network. Your staff can easily share information, access the network on the go, and have less headaches so they can focus on their job.

"I have always been pleased with my experience with Mode5 and today was another affirmation of your staff’s technical expertise and wonderful customer service. Your reputation for excellence is well deserved. Thank you!!”

Katie Stone | General Manager | Hurrah Players

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