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Medical IT


With cybersecurity concerns around every corner and the requirement to abide by ABA Model Rule 1.1, 1.6; it's imperative to work with an IT provider that understands the needs of legal IT.


Many law firms are now leveraging the speed and convenience of cloud technologies with the Mode5 Cloud. Regardless of your location, area of law, or computer platform; Mode5 has you covered. Simply log in with simple sign-on and you're in your network. It's that easy! Check out the benefits below to working in the Mode5 Cloud Network.

  • Easy Software Management

  • 24/7 Accessibility from Anywhere

  • Document Management

  • Data Security

  • Simple Expansion Options

  • 99.95% Uptime via the Mode5 Data Center


If you’re not interested in the cloud, Mode5’s Managed IT Services is a great option for those with an on-premises server solution. With Mode5 Managed IT Services, you’ll enjoy faster response times and unlimited IT support for a network that runs better and has fewer problems. Mode5 Managed IT is currently offered in Southeastern VA, Richmond, VA, Northern VA, and Washington, DC. Contact us for a Free Network Assessment

“Mode5 Cloud provides our law firm the opportunity to leverage enterprise class infrastructure at an affordable price. After researching numerous cloud based software solutions, we opted to migrate our existing software applications into the Mode5 environment to leverage all the benefits of a hosted solution while at the same time continuing to leverage our existing investments in traditional client/server based software solutions.”

Rob Sadler | Firm Administrator | Hofheimer Family Law Firm

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