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Medical IT


Mode5’s Managed Medical IT or Cloud Services can reduce your total IT costs, increase network performance and help ensure your network meets regulatory compliance requirements.Whether we manage your local network or move everything to the cloud, the helpful, proactive staff at Mode5 will keep your medical IT network running smoothly.


Mode5 will help you centralize patient data, user access, security, and backups to ensure better compliance at your practice.


We've completed HIPAA assessments and audits to ensure our management practices are aligned with yours. With the evolution of EHR and electronic medical records applications, we understand the unique challenges that healthcare professionals face. We are here to help you with your medical technology needs, so that you can focus on your practice. 


Since electronic medical records and practice management software has been rapidly changing, we understand your need for a reliable medical IT partner more than ever. Our friendly IT support staff responds quickly to your technology needs and offers 99.99% uptime.


Mode5 makes billing easy with a simple, flat monthly fee! With our unlimited support plan, your staff can submit as many support tickets and contact us as much as they need. Unlike break-fix support plans, budgeting is made easier with one monthly invoice vs. an invoice for every single support request.


Adding users, applications, or a new location is no problem for Mode5.  Whether you choose Mode5 Cloud or Mode5 Managed IT, we will build a foundation that will support the growth of your practice.

“With Mode5 Managed IT Services we can allow all of our employees to submit service requests directly without getting approval from managers. It saves time for our employees and we can use our employees in different roles, as opposed to spending their time tracking down solutions to IT problems, which ultimately may save us money. As the partner who probably has the most IT knowledge, almost every question from my vendors came to me and that took time out of my practice and kept me in the office longer. So allowing vendors and staff to go directly to Mode5 has made a huge impact on the amount of time I spend in the office on IT issues and allows me more time to spend on patients.”

Dr. Dan Neumann | Partner| Tidewater Gastro

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TMC Compliance Business Partner
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