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The Mode5 Mission: helping clients refocus their time and talent on what truly matters.

We collaborate with a myriad of clients and industries to create work we are proud of for businesses we believe in. Our goal is to provide a world-class experience to our clients and do this by continuously improving our people, processes, and technologies.


Mode5 creates a tailored IT experience to deliver the maximum return on investment for our clients. We work with all industries but have highlighted some of our areas of expertise below:



Our medical practices are some of our busiest clients. This is why it is critical to provide competent medical IT services so they can stay focused on their patients. We partner with the Virginia Medical Group Management Association. We also work with practices to ensure their networks stay HIPAA compliant. Mode5 works with many EMRs and Practice Management solutions such as All-scripts, Athena, GMed, c-Clinical Works, Greenway, and more to keep your practice growing and focused on patients.

alt_dr._dan_neumann Dr. Dan Neumann -
President, Capital Digestive Care

With Mode5 Managed IT Services we can allow all of our employees to submit service requests directly without getting approval from managers. It saves time for our employees and we can use our employees in different roles, as opposed to spending their time tracking down solutions to IT problems, which ultimately may save us money. As the partner who probably has the most IT knowledge, almost every question from my vendors came to me and that took time out of my practice and kept me in the office longer. So allowing vendors and staff to go directly to Mode5 has made a huge impact on the amount of time I spend in the office on IT issues and allows me more time to spend on patients.

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Mode5 understands the unique challenges that non-profits face and we work with them to maximize the return on their IT investment and stay focused on fulfilling their mission. We love seeing our clients improve the world and we contribute time and money to those causes frequently. We have experience with the software and solutions that non-profits leverage including Blackbaud, Donor Perfect, and more.

alt_paul_ballance Paul Ballance -
COO, Project Lifesaver

We went with Mode5 about three years ago and have been delighted with their service. Everyone from our account manager to the support team are quick to respond to any concerns or issues we might have. This was a great move for our company!!

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We work with builders, equipment dealers, government, and Department of Defense (DoD) contractors to help them stay focused on the complexities of the trade. We help clients meet any compliance requirements they have, such as CMMC, and we work with many applications like Timberline, Sage, Foundation, and more.

alt_mike_smith Mike Smith -
Performance Plumbing

Before Mode5, I felt like every computer workstation was doing their own thing. I’ve had my systems crash while I’ve been going to a business and then I’m done. The computers to our plumbing business are essential. If the computers cut off, I can turn the lights off and tell everybody to go home. It just became the biggest debacle…I’m telling you it’s the best thing I ever did, besides going into business for myself. I mean, I’ve bought so much stuff in the plumbing trade over the years, tools and specialty tools, and I’ll tell you, the best thing I ever did is let you guys take care of my computers because I don’t worry about it.

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Mode5 sets the bar high to propel your technologies, team, and organization into the future. We’re so confident you’ll love our services that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Better days are just a phone call away.

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