Cloud Trends

The IT industry has experienced a growing demand from businesses looking to move their network and technology management to a cloud-based model. Of the nearly 10 million U.S. Small businesses 41% plan to adopt some type of cloud service by 2014. These technologies are being offered to small businesses where they were once made available to mostly just enterprise markets. The small business sector is expected to outperform all other markets for the next 5 years in technology spending.

There is also a growing trend for Managed Services in the technology market. These services provide remote monitoring, maintenance, security, end user support, and a cost effective option to businesses wanting to avoid the need for internal IT staff. Managed Services offers a proactive outsourced approach to IT management. As demand for cloud-based networks increase so will the demand for these services and this market is expected to nearly double by 2017.

Small to mid-sized businesses are now making larger investments in IT infrastructure with a greater emphasize on it being critical to their business success. In addition to services, mobile hardware and cloud based access are currently transforming the way business use technology. By 2016 at least 50% of business users will rely primarily on a browser, tablet, or mobile client, instead of a desktop client. With cloud services users can access their data from these mobile devices and the with increasing popularity of “bring your own device” work adoption it allows flexibility and cost savings for businesses.

In today’s growing market, companies need highly available and managed technology infrastructure to increase growth and to provide a competitive offering. Mode5 works with businesses to provide a turnkey computing solution for their corporate network. By utilizing Mode5’s data center to host server equipment, management of customer networks can be handled remotely from our main office while providing a cost effective solution for small to mid-size companies.

At Mode5, our mission is to provide the small and mid-sized business market a simplified platform to fully utilize their technology infrastructure therefore allowing them to focus instead on their core competencies. We are a leader in outsourced IT emphasizing in virtual private clouds and fully managed support. Our cloud platform provides businesses 24/7 remote access to all of their critical data and applications. We not only provide expertise integrating local customized networks to the cloud, but also supporting users and maintaining those systems after it’s deployed to deliver a unified experience. Mode5 brings to the market a fresh perspective on business technology management and infrastructure.


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