Ghent Computer-Now Known as Mode5

We're pleased to announce that Ghent Computer is now Mode5, providing fantastic cloud-based and managed IT services.

Eleven years ago Luke Downing and Matt Bakey launched Ghent Computer in an 800-square-foot retail shop in Norfolk. As word of the duo’s expertise spread, they quickly realized that area businesses had needs far beyond simple hourly computer services.

“At first, we were the guys that showed up when something broke,” explains Downing. “That’s how most of our competitors were as well. We decided to be more proactive for our clients, especially with their network performance. Most business networks have the same basic needs and we bundled them into our GoSys service so clients don’t have to worry – it’s all handled. Our goal has always been to be the company that business owners can hire and never worry about computer or network issues again. I think we have accomplished that.” The company is now in a 5,300-square-foot building in the Ghent section of Norfolk.

Two years ago Ghent Computer turned to the cloud, building a hosted services solution from the ground up, based on their experiences serving small and medium sized businesses. “We named it Mode5 and it was essentially a separate business powering cloud-based software and networking solutions for our clients,” said Downing. “We chose the name Mode5 because it represents the evolution of tools and we built our solution with the most modern cloud networking tools available.”

“The cloud-hosting we provide can save businesses money, and provide accessibility to their proprietary systems and software from any internet-connected device,” he adds. “We really wanted an option for our clients who like their software but no longer wanted to purchase or maintain servers. We felt like it was a great way to simplify things and one less thing our clients would need to worry about.”

The new venture has taken off and it doesn’t make sense to market two separate businesses. As the business has evolved, the name “Ghent Computer” no longer represented the full suite of services that are offered. “Ghent is home to us, but it was challenging having two identities,” explains Downing.

So as of September 1, 2013, Ghent Computer becomes Mode5, with the tag line, “Your Network Evolved. “

Though the name has changed, Mode5 remains in the Ghent area of Norfolk, and continues serving local business IT needs. “We’re so grateful to all our clients, and whether it’s cloud computing or local network management, we’ll be here for them,” said Downing.

If you have any questions about Mode5 or the transition from Ghent Computer to Mode5, please give us a call at 855-25-MODE5 or 757-628-8324.

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