Mode5 Mobile Device Management Now Available

Check out our new service offering Mode5 Mobile. With the expanded use of phones and tablets to access company information, it is important to extend IT security policies and management to those devices. This is why we have developed Mode5 Mobile, a comprehensive mobile device management and security platform. With Mode5 Mobile, we can enforce passwords on devices that access email or other company information, store email and wireless profiles, or even factory reset a lost or stolen phone. And on top of that you receive access to unlimited support for your mobile devices from Mode5’s top notch support team.

Users and Data Are Going Mobile and So Should Your Policies

Users are becoming increasingly mobile, and with the proliferation of ever more powerful mobile devices, critical business data is being dragged along with them. Organizations are increasingly finding their users accessing email, files and applications on smartphones and tablets, requiring them to extend IT systems management policies to mobile devices.

Keeping track of, protecting and updating mobile devices requires visibility into wide-reaching cellular networks that are off-limits to most administrators. But the reality exists. As users continue to access business data and applications on their mobile devices organizations will need to find a way to manage those devices for business continuity, accessibility and security reasons.

Five Features of Mode5 Mobile Device Management

Extended Support

Extend IT systems management polices to mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android phones and tablets.

Enhanced Security

Protect business data no matter where it sits or is accessed from. Remotely track, lock or factory reset a phone if stolen or lost. Enforce password requirements**, rotation*, complexity*, inactivity locks*, and more.

Simplified Support

Mode5 Mobile can store your mobile device WiFi and email settings* making device provisions fast and easy.

Centralized Management

Manage all devices from desktops and servers to mobile devices from a single pane of glass for consistency and transparency throughout the organization.

Content Management*

With Mode5 Mobile you can restrict your company phones access to applications, explicit content, app installation, the camera, gaming and more.

*iOS only **Microsoft Exchange required for pin enforcement on Android devices at this time

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