Disaster Recovery is Not a Matter of Luck

Often times when evaluating a potential client’s backup plan an old line from Clint Eastwood comes to mind. “You've gotta ask yourself a question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’” This being the week of St. Patrick’s Day we at Mode5 would like to send out a helpful reminder that ensuring a strong Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan is not a matter of luck. It is about preparation and maintenance.

At Mode5 we strongly recommend a few things regarding your backups.

First, have a backup and understand it. It might sound strange but many businesses have no backup of any kind. Other businesses have no idea what their backup is because their IT person handles it. Ask them!

Second, make sure you or your IT partner monitors it for failures. What’s the point if it doesn’t work?

Third, replicate the backups offsite. You can do this over the internet or manually. If you use offsite backup media like a tape or hard drive, make sure that whoever is responsible for doing this is actually taking the media offsite.

Fourth, test restore your backups monthly or pay someone to do it.

Fifth, document your plan. Writing down what you will do in a disaster is critical. Document how you would access your data, where you would access it from, and key contact information for your IT vendors.

When evaluating your backup plan ask yourself some simple questions.

How much downtime can I afford? If my server crashed, how fast can I get to the data? If my office was destroyed by a disaster, where would I work and how would I answer the phones? Does my IT vendor care about my backups as much as I do?

These are some very basic points and obviously a full disaster recovery plan takes more time. To find out more information about how Mode5 can help your business prepare for a disaster please contact us at 888.25.MODE5. For more contact options visit our contact us page by clicking here.

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