What is a Heartbleed? Do I Need to See a Doctor?

If you have read the news or looked at social media recently you have probably heard about this intriguing exploit called Heartbleed. The good news is that Heartbleed does not affect our Mode5 Cloud service or our Mode5 Managed service. So what is it and how will it affect me?

Despite its scary name, it is not a medical condition. Heartbleed is an exploit to OpenSSL. SSL is supposed to make logging in to websites and services safer by encrypting traffic. However, in this case, the websites and services that employ OpenSSL security may have been compromised. An astonishing 66% of websites use OpenSSL which is why this is such big news. If a website has been compromised by Heartbleed, any communication you have with the site can be monitored including your usernames and passwords. You can read more about the details of Heartbleed over at Mashable.

What can you do? Well unfortunately this exploit has been around for awhile so it is possible some of your information has already been compromised. It is suggested that you make sure the websites you use such as banks, social media, etc. have patched their servers for Heartbleed and then change your passwords. It may be difficult to know exactly what sites have been compromised but it is better to play it safe. Here is a list of sites that may have been compromised.

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