Should I Restrict Internet Access at the Office?

Many businesses do not like the idea of restricting internet access at their offices. They feel that they should be able trust their staff to make good decisions while browsing the Internet and do not want to actively restrict access to certain sites. They don't want to be too "big brother". On the surface, this sounds like a very reasonable sentiment. However, by allowing your staff unrestricted access to the Internet, you could be risking your network's security as users unknowingly unleash viruses and hackers onto your network. This could result in downtime, data loss, identity theft, and more.

At a minimum, you may be losing thousands of dollars in productivity losses due to web surfing during work hours. This article claims that the US is losing 28 billion dollars on Facebook alone. The downside is your employees may not be happy about having access restricted or, if the restrictions are too tight, they could also create productivity problems of their own or increase support calls.

Mode5 Web Security is a content management service that allows you to restrict certain web pages from being accessed by your employees from Facebook to inappropriate content to known malware and virus sites. It gives you control over what your staff can access at the office. You can whitelist or blacklist any sites you want to or block specific groups of sites like social media. In addition, you can give certain users the ability to bypass the controls if needed to perform their jobs. For example, you may give your marketing team the ability to use social media, while restricting access to it from others. With Mode5 Web Security, you may be able to boost productivity while increasing the overall security of your network.

Restricting internet access is not for everyone and must be carefully evaluated by each business owner or manager.

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