2015 is Almost Here and the Time to Plan is Now

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is coming to a close. What does that mean for your technology and for your business?

If you have any technology projects that you would like completed by year’s end, plan them now.

Why now?

First, this is a busy time of year and it is important to get whatever equipment or services you need ordered soon. The holidays will be upon us soon and before you know it the year will be done!

Second, if any of these projects require hardware, your taxes could be reduced. By taking advantage of Section 179 tax deductions, some of the equipment you order before the end of the year may give you a break on your taxes.

What types of projects should I consider?

One possibility is a server upgrade. If you are still running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, you may want to upgrade now. I am sure you are tired of us saying it, but starting next July, Server 2003 will no longer be supported or updated by Microsoft. Running Server 2003 after that day will put your business at serious risk. If you no longer want to keep on-premises servers check out Mode5 Cloud. You can also take advantage of our Free Cloud Report.

Other projects might include software upgrades, Windows XP upgrades (XP is already out of support!), backup upgrades, and more.

If you would like to contact Mode5 to discuss a plan for 2015 please call us at 888.25.MODE5 or click here.

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