Switching IT Providers is Easier than you Think

Has your IT provider broken your heart? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Many business stick with substandard IT companies because they think that "it would be too difficult to change". Switching IT providers is not has hard as you think.

To ensure a smooth transition to a new IT provider that will show you some love, follow the steps below:

1. Gather your network credentials (usernames and passwords): If you are on a windows server network, get your active directory administrator username and password. Other passwords can generally be reset but this one is critical. If you don’t have this, gently ask your IT provider for an updated network credentials list. You can say that it is for a disaster recovery exercise you are going through if they ask for a reason. If possible get the credentials for your router/firewall, wireless access points, other network devices, your web host, your domain registrar, and any others that your IT provider may have documented.

2. Get a few estimates from other IT providers: They should ask to perform a network assessment to see what your network looks like. You do not need to give them your network admin password for this. If they need access to the server, you can type in the password for them in most cases.

3. Compare vendors: Determine the most qualified vendor by asking them how they manage the network to prevent problems and how they respond if there is a problem. The vendor you choose should be an expert at managing business networks. Without exception, they should offer the following services: backup management, anti-virus management, network monitoring, patch management, great help desk support, and more.

4. Migration checklist: Before you switch, make sure that your new provider has a checklist to ensure that the transition process goes smoothly. They key to a successful transition to a new provider is a solid checklist!

5. Change credentials: Once a switch is made, have your new provider change the network administrator account password, router passwords, etc. While most former providers would not do anything malicious, it is best to not have your passwords accessible to those who no longer need them.

If you have questions about the best way to transition to a new IT provider give us a call at 757.628.8324 or 888.25.MODE5.

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