"NOC, NOC." "Who's There?"

As with many businesses, much of the day-to-day work at Mode5 goes on behind the scenes. That is certainly the way it is in Mode5's NOC Department. NOC is an IT industry acronym for Network Operations Center. Simply put, the network operations center is the central location where a technician can monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot all of the network related equipment. The technician who does the job is called the NOC or Network Administrator.

Our Network Administrator is Erik Hadley. Erik is responsible for maintaining our clients' up-time and improving their computing experiences through proactive remote monitoring, maintenance and problem identification and resolution activities. Erik uses and maintains the Mode5 remote Monitoring and Management Software to ensure that client networks are monitored and running properly. Erik also manages client backups, security software, patch installation, and other areas of service delivery that are designed to prevent IT system down time. His goal is to identify potential hardware, network, and service problems before they become an issue for our clients.

Erik is a Systems Engineer with over 10 years of professional IT experience. His credentials include certifications in Comp TIA A+, Track-it Systems Administrator, and Solarwinds. Erik tells us that he loves his work and the Mode5 clients. When he's not at work you can usually find him at the beach enjoying the water and the sand with his family.

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