STOP Living in Fear: 3 Benefits to Having Advanced Backup

My heart sank to the pit of my stomach and I panicked. That Excel spreadsheet that I had been working on and contained very important department information was now missing an entire tab. Where did it go? When did it disappear? Did I accidentally hit the delete button and now all that hard work is gone? When I was previously working as the Service Coordinator in the Support Department, I remember getting calls from our clients that was similar to my own experience. Deadlines were creeping up, hours of work had been poured into documents, and now it had all magically disappeared. I took a deep breath, and was again very thankful that Mode5 is using our Advanced System Imaging backup. Just like our clients, I put in a ticket to our Support team, and they quickly assisted me to restore the information that I needed.

Do you ever find yourself in that situation? Do you know when your data was last backed up? Have you worked on a project, and accidentally hit the wrong button and now you have a presentation in 1 hour, and all your research that you have gathered for weeks is now adrift in cyberspace? What about your company's server data? Have you ever wondered what would happen to your business if those backups weren't working? I'm sure some of you can relate, and is why backups are so CRUCIAL to your business. Working without backups or unreliable backups, just isn't an option for your business. Mode5's Advanced System Imaging (or ASI) definitely has many benefits and advantages to help protect data.

3 Benefits to having Advanced System Imaging Backup

1. Image based backup

It's like having a picture of a picture! We take the data and take a snapshot of it. Those images are then replicated to our Mode5 Data Center, located in Northern Virginia. This safe and secure fortress keeps your information guarded and protected. Thankfully, this system also backs up your apps and OS, that way you can bounce back even faster. Whether it’s a single Excel spreadsheet, or a major fiasco bringing you down; this system has you covered.

2. Quick Recovery

When you find yourself in the situation of losing your data, we understand that you need to get it back faster and sooner than later. Mode5's ASI allows for faster restoration times, and uses less storage and bandwidth than traditional backups. We even offer the option to backup your data to a Mode5 Hot Spare server, which allows you to get back to work quicker with significantly less downtime.

3. Flexibility

Working with an IT provider, can sometimes feel like you have lost the ability to control how and when your data is handled. This cloud backup system allows you to choose what dates and times you would like to have your backups done, gives you control to select your multiple retention policies, local backups, offsite backups and more.

Our clients already know the benefit to having this type of backup system available. They know that it's important to have that peace of mind and security knowing that if and when disaster strikes, Mode5 is there to get you back up and running in no time. Stop living in fear that accidental key strokes will have your work or server data gone forever, and take comfort in the fact that you no longer have to keep switching out those backup drives on your own. This system helped me quickly get back on track; now let us help you get back on yours.

Questions? If you would like more information on how our Advanced System Imaging Backup works, or would like additional information on our other services, please feel free to contact us at 757-628-8324. You may also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIN for additional updates.

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