Hello? Can you Hear Me Now?

Tired of your old and unreliable phone system? Are you ready to move your phone system from the stone ages to the 21st century? Take a deep breath, and try not to throw that outdated equipment across the office. We can help!

Mode5 Cloud Voice offers a multitude of great benefits to make your work easier. Using Mode5 Cloud Voice in our own office, we can speak from personal experience on why we love this phone system.

3 Reasons Why We Love Mode5 Cloud Voice

1. Improve Communication with Staff and Clients – Mode5 Cloud Voice makes it easier to get work done. The phones are easy to use and program. Mode5 Cloud Voice can be programmed from a web page so if you need to make changes you can do many of them yourself. The desktop software application gives users a new way transfer calls, lookup extensions, and access reports. Tired of your clients getting busy signals at your office? With Mode5 Cloud Voice line bursting, you will never get a busy signal again. With built-in quality monitoring you can rest assured that the level of service is high. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Mode5 Cloud Voice is loaded with features to make it easy for you to communicate with anyone.

2. Take Your Phone System With You – Cloud Voice offers a variety of ways to stay connected. Find-me, Follow-me allows you take calls on the go without giving out your cell phone number. Voicemail to email allows you access your voicemail messages in your email inbox so you can have all messages in one place. If you have multiple offices, you can dial extensions to talk with your other locations and save money on your phone bill by sharing lines. Mode5 Cloud Voice also has an optional mobile application for Android or iOS!

3. A Trusted Partner - Working with a traditional phone service vendor can take time and be very frustrating. On top of that, many traditional phone systems are propriety and use antiquated equipment. Let us take over! We can install and provide excellent support for Mode5 Cloud Voice. In addition, our phone equipment is covered by a next day warranty for the life of your phone service agreement.

But don’t take our word for it!

Burtch Law has enjoyed using the Star2Star phone service. For a VOIP phone, the phone connection has been clear and consistently reliable. We enjoy receiving real-time MP3s of voicemail messages sent as e-mails to our inbox. That has allowed our lawyers to be more responsive to clients when out of the office, as well as to capture voicemails of substantive information relating to firm matters.” -Douglas Burtch, Burtch Law

To learn more, visit our Mode5 Cloud Voice page to watch a short video and check out all the other amazing benefits and some great features. Stop worrying about your phones and make the switch. We are happy we did!

Questions? If you have questions or are seeking more information on how Mode5 Cloud Voice works, please do not hesitate to call our office at 757-628-8324, Option 1. For additional updates, promos, and announcements, please like us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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