Is Microsoft Office 365 Right for Your Business?

Microsoft Office has evolved since the days of the paperclip assistant. Every few years the software is updated with new features, security enhancements, and interface changes. Not only has the software changed, but Microsoft has also integrated it with their cloud services and provided more options to purchase the software with its Office 365 offering. Here are some reasons to consider Office 365.

3 Reasons Why Microsoft Office 365 May Be the Right Choice for Your Business
1. Boost Productivity and Security with the latest Microsoft Office

Office 365 is a subscription service which means you are eligible to upgrade to the latest software package at any time to take advantage of the new productivity boosting features, security enhancements, and ensure compatibility with other applications. You can stay current while avoiding large up-front expenses.

2. Leverage the Microsoft Cloud for Better Collaboration

Most of us use files and email daily. Microsoft provides Hosted Exchange and One Drive to help you get more done. As opposed to pop email where features are limited, Hosted Exchange with Office 365 helps improve your productivity with easy access to your email, calendar, and contacts from anywhere at any time. One Drive allows you to sync files across devices, securely share them across the web, and more. Lastly, by leveraging these cloud-backed services, you may be able to drive down costs and complexity on your local network.

3. Improve your Compliance and Gain Peace of Mind

Whether you are a medical office that must stay within HIPAA standards, a law firm subject to the rules of the ABA, or any industry that requires extra levels of security and compliance, Office 365 delivers. Offering email archiving, eDiscovery, and access to the Security & Compliance Center, Office 365 provides you the tools and the peace of mind to help you meet the compliance standards that are required for your business.

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